AMISA (Association of Mechanics' Institutes and Schools of Arts) NSW Inc.

AMISA (Association of Mechanics’ Institutes and Schools of Arts) NSW Inc. is an organisation dedicated to the preservation, history and revival of the Schools of Arts movement in NSW.

Schools of Arts and Mechanics’ Institutes arose from an educational movement in Scotland which spread across the world to Australia by the early 1800s. These Schools became the centre of their communities, running libraries, courses and recreational activities. Although the movement took a hit with the introduction of public libraries (in which many Councils took over the facilities), there is still a large number of Schools of Arts and Mechancs’ Institutes that are owned and run by their communities today.

AMISA’s goals with the website were to educate people on the history and heritage of the movement, raise awareness of SoAs and MIs operating today, and facilitate communication and networking between them.

One of the key requirements was to ensure the website was usable by AMISA’s members whilst remaining fully responsive on mobile devices. This was achieved via the colour palette, use of readable fonts and elimination of sliders and other animated effects.